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The power of a white room is stunning—clean and crisp, the neutral palette adds a dose of instant chic to any home. With a never-ending array of undertones and finishes, finding the perfect white paint for your space can be a daunting task.

So what’s the perfect formulation for your molding? Your bathroom? How about your ceiling? We’ve asked designer Rozanne Jackson to break it down. Here, she discusses her favorite shades of ivory for every space:

1. Sherwin Williams – SW551: Greek Villa. This is my favorite soft white, it looks beautiful in any light. I have used this both at projects on the coast, and in the hills of Tennessee. It neither reads pink nor yellow, but stays true soft white.

2. Zolatone – the Counterpoint Collection. Several varying shades of white, all pearlized. An awesome set of paint options to glamorize cabinetry for bathroom vanities and closets. Subtle, but elegant.