Jual Water Meter Actaris Type TD8 Domestic Size 1 inch (DN25mm)

Actaris Type TD8 Domestic Size 1 inch (DN25mm)

� Size range: DN20 to DN32
� Very large measuring range
� Pre-equipped for communication (pulse output enabled, cyble compatible)
� Very low starting flow
� Leak detection dial
� Case protection IP68
� Cost effective
� Simple installation

Standard Compliance: 
� OIML/NSC R49-1 class 2 in all positions
� EEC/ISO 4064 class C in all positions
� AS3565.1
� AS3565.3 (dual check valve versions)
� AS3565.1 (dual check valve versions)
� Global Mark approved

Katalog :  actaris Water Meter.pdf


water meter actaris, jual water meter actaris, actaris TD8,water meter actaris size 1 inch,actaris DN25. A piston type meter with an extra dry register for residential, commercial & industrial applications. TD8 combines the advantages of piston type technology together with proven reliability of the extra dry register -no gears are in contact with water. The smooth piston chamber ensures long term accuracy. The irreversible meter cap mounting makes it totally tamperproof without the use of lead seals.


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